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Welcome to Colossal Africa

The African Story is one of rich heritage, wealth and knowledge, but it not a story without its challenges, Africa requires dedication and innovation to not only grow but better diversify our economies. Colossal Africa aims to be the catalyst for change by making investments in sectors by introducing tried and tested solutions to the African continent through collaboration and innovation. We at Collosal Africa are on a mission to find synergies and build relationships with relevant partners that value an ethical business practice and desire a better future for this diverse continent.

We initially went out to find problems and have endeavoured to find credible, holisitic solutions. We sought to find development opportunities throughout Africa within the infrastructure, aviation and logistics sectors. Colossal Africa is an Investment Holding Company from South Africa.

Colossal Africa brings with it extensive knowledge of the economic, project and infrastructure development. The group is managed by a strong team of professionals and has the required infrastructure as well as working capital to take advantage of Infrastructure projects within South Africa and the rest of Africa.