Who We Are

About Us

Colossal Africa is the coming together of two phenomenal women Gwen Mahuma and Cingashe Motale. This formation came about with a common vision of desiring a better Africa and a more ethical and collaborative approach to deal structuring on the African Continent.

Colossal Africa has a significant a footprint and network in various countries in Africa. An extensive track record of having worked with some of the biggest and most exciting brands on the continent in various capacities. Colossal Africa is a 100% Black women owned company that has experience in the Steel industry, manufacturing, and construction sectors.

In the countries where we have identified projects we have strategic partners that have been specifically identified to satisfy local empowerment laws, local knowledge as well as local content requirements.

Areas of Focus

  • Aviation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Rolling Stock
  • Construction
  • Logistics

To be a leading Investment Holding Company focused on bridging the gap and creating wealth for an economically integrated Africa.

To contribute towards economic development and transformation within South Africa.
To contribute towards the development of Africa in the chosen industries.
To establish a strong professional and diverse skills base in the chosen industries.

To achieve sustained real earnings growth for shareholders.

Message From The Founders

Who We Are

"The dream of building an Investment Holding Company, controlled by black interests, is becoming a reality. Colossal Africa has positioned itself to take advantage of the unfolding opportunities that are presented by the "African Renaissance".

The African Growth story we are seeing today - championed by the need for Infrastructure has been adopted throughout Africa, with the commitment by all the major role players in both the private and public sector in order to establish Africa's golden age of Industrialization and, to re-address the imbalances of the past.

We aim to fully participate in both new and existing opportunities in the years to come, in order to build a strong foundation for the upliftment of the African people with the desired effect of the development of the African economies."
- Gwen & Cingashe

Local Community Management

Who We Are

Investments made by Colossal Africa, will reflect on the issues relating to sustainable development at the local level. Meeting social, environmental and economic goals within the local communities in Africa, is of paramount importance, with respect to their involvement in uplifting their lives.

To further develop our local partnerships and respective communities, Colossal Africa will engage with its shareholders in the local communities to ensure that in some way they are able to participate within the investments made by the Group. The above shareholders will benefit from being actively involved in the underlying projects made by Colossal Africa, by virtue of:

  • Transfer of skills, knowledge and qualifications
  • Job creation
  • Sense of ownership